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MBQ-700 series
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Technical Information


MBQ-700 series - modular rotary handpiece
Drilling Speed: 0 - 1,350 rpm
Reaming Speed: 0 - 300 rpm
Control: Single trigger (MBQ-700) or dual trigger (MBQ-701)
Max reaming torque: 19 Nm
Cannulation diameter: 4.4 mm
Attachments: 17 options
DBK-701 Sagittal saw
Speed: 0 - 13,500 cpm
(Please note dual speed options are available)
DBC-700 Reciprocating saw
Speed: 0 - 13,500 cpm
(Please note dual speed options are available)
Power Options
Sterile Li-Ion battery
Aseptic battery
Corded direct power

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Download Product Catalogue

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Small AO/Synthes


  • The MBQ high torque rotary handpiece provides the surgeon with ample power even for the most demanding of acetabular reaming procedures.

The new drill/ream handpiece produces over 30% more reaming torque and speed than the previous generations. The powerful dedicated sagittal saw cuts through the hardest of bone with ease and precision.

"Best in class power to weight ratio"


  • Class leading power to weight ratio coupled with De Soutter Medical’s long heritage of designing power tools with superb ergonomics. 
  • Optional twin trigger rotary handpiece with instant forward, reverse and oscillating drill/tap modes.
  • Proven system reliability enhanced through continuous engineering development, including new fourth generation hermetically sealed hybrid motor controller and intelligent battery charging technology. 
  • Easy, quick change locking mechanism. Simply snap in to lock. 
  • In-built, quick change drill/ream gearbox eliminates dedicated reaming attachments – reducing cost and weight. 


The orthodrive® system offers total versatility with 17 attachments and easy, quick change attachment locking mechanism.


  • Keyed and keyless drill attachments
  • Quick release drill and reaming attachments
  • Reciprocating saw attachments
  • Sagittal saw attachment
  • Wire/pin driver attachment

* for more attachment options please see the catalogue