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Technical Information

Flow rate variable: 0 - 1 litre/min* 
Pulse Rate
Dependent on drive mechanism
Orthodrive®: 0 - 1,350 pulses/min
MultiDrive™: 0- 950 pulses/min
MultiDrive™ with LX attachment: 0 - 1,600 pulses/min
Competitor drive handpieces
Stryker - System 7 & 6
Linvatec - PowerPro
Synthes - TRS
*based on a P20-700 combined with an MBQ-700

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Download Product Catalogue

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  • Disposable EcoPulse™ lavage system offers maximum O.R. flexibility whilst reducing clinical waste by 60%



  • Unique drive coupling allows the EcoPulse™ to be driven by any large bone rotary handpiece
  • Competitor mount attachments allow the EcoPulse™ system to be powered by any rotary handpiece.
  • Optimal power is maintained for longer periods owing to direct drive from the handpiece.
  • Extensive nozzle range caters for individual orthopaedic needs.
  • Powerful lavaging performance ensures integrity of the bone/cement interface.
  • Improves strength & integrity of the bone/cement interface

Green credentials

  • The EcoPulse™ system offers an improved clinical outcome whilst reducing the impact on the environment
  • Reduces clinical waste by 60%, helping to meet annual waste targets
  • No need to dispose of entire handpiece, just low cost pump kit, resulting in reduced cost and clinical waste
  • No battery disposal problems
  • Smaller packaged volume helps conserve valuable hospital storage - by up to 60%.