Veterinary Power Tools
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De Soutter Medical takes great pride in the excellent after sales support that we provide our customers. Our equipment is supported by a number of strategically located servicing and repair centres.

All powered instruments and attachments should be regularly serviced to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Regular servicing will minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Servicing includes a comprehensive functional check, cleaning and testing, followed by the replacement of any worn or damaged components.

Because of specialist techniques used in the manufacture and maintenance of our equipment, no user or third party servicing is possible.

Original Medical Parts and Tooling
We only fit original De Soutter Medical parts, which have been specifically designed and developed to the standards expected from De Soutter Medical All parts are fitted with a one year warranty, using the very latest tooling and test equipment.

Highly Skilled Technicians
All work is carried out by trained De Soutter Medical Technicians. Our highly skilled team of De Soutter Medical Servicing Technicians are regularly trained in the latest procedures and technologies.

Loan Cover
We understand the importance of uninterrupted service, which is why we supply free loan cover for any equipment with a service contract.


To return equipment for repair or warranty please ensure the following:

  • Disinfect/sterilise equipment in accordance with reprocessing instructions outlined in the product’s Operating Instructions.

  • Record the serial number of the equipment being returned with the return documentation and enclose a brief statement describing the reason for the equipment’s return, together with contact information (contact name, email address and telephone number).

  • For warranty returns, please state the original invoice number, date of purchase and a brief statement describing the reason for the equipment’s return.

  • For repair/servicing, please enclose a purchase order number to cover the Minimum Repair/Inspection Charge.

  • Pack instruments securely, as any in-transit damage is not covered by the warranty.

  • The cost of all repairs will always be advised by De Soutter Medical and approved by the customer before any work commences.


Please see individual Operating Instructions on our policy for disposal, return and transportation of Lithium Ion Batteries. Lithium Ion Battery packs should not be returned or transported if there are any signs of damage, if in doubt please seek guidance from your local De Soutter Medical representative.

When returning a battery pack the following label must be attached to the outer packaging: Lithium Ion battery label